School fee collection software

School fee collection software

Our School Management System is a crucial aspect of a complete school management system and efficient school management software. The School fee collection software presents an automated, highly adaptable, and comprehensive solution. It manages all types of fees, for example, school, tuition, sibling, admission, registration and security fees, etc. Every fee has different charges, which you can add Fee Management System For Schools.

Students are the main component of any institution. Their good performance makes the institution better. Institutions need a complete student management system to manage their records, which manages everything from their fees to performance, attendance to examination. Fee Management System is an extensive desktop-based user-friendly system that manages all fees, vouchers/challans, receipts, and reports. You can create a structure of various fees in it and collect and explain them in detail. This module of school management software is designed so that you can keep records of miscellaneous fees with their names without error and view their records or reports whenever needed.

Using fee collection software

Multiple learning institutes, schools, colleges, and tuition centers are using it for various purposes. Exam Management, Biometric Attendance, Staff Payroll, Profit Loss, and Mobile App all features work well.

School fee collection software
School fee collection software


Multiple ways to set up the fee, discounts, and extra items.
Multiple ways to set up late fees with manual or auto fines applied.
Fast and easy way to submit fees.
Generate fee voucher with one click.
Real-time assign and collect fees.
Explain fee amount with detail on collection.
Get separate or consolidated fee reports with one click. (Different types of filters help to find it.)
SMS alerts on fee collection.

Core Modules

  • Fee invoice
  • Fee assignment
  • Occasional fee assignment
  • Assign a single student fee
  • Fee voucher/chalan
  • Family-based Fee voucher/chalan
  • Fee collection
  • Family-based fee collection with single database
  • Fee structure
  • Standard fee setting
  • Bulk fee update
  • Different payment methods
  • Commitments
  • Edit fee (payments)
  • Fee detail
  • Fee history with user (accountant)
  • Multiple fee reports
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly fee report
  • Fee receipt
  • Fee transaction
  • Billing summary by date
  • Billing summary by challan
  • Fee balance report
  • Payable fee report

Bulk Option

During fee recovery, don’t worry because using school management software, you can easily receive and print all fees in bulk mode.